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Dear Future Students of Beverly Hills High School,

As I near the end of my time at Beverly Hills High School, I find myself reflecting on the experiences that have shaped my journey here. Over the past four years, I've been fortunate to immerse myself in the world of digital media, spending countless hours in our TV station's Studio A and B, honing my skills and producing over 250 videos. 

As my senior year approached, I felt a strong desire to leave a lasting legacy, something that would inspire future students just as I was inspired by those who came before me. That's when the idea of Studio C was born.

Studio C started as an ambitious dream to transform an old storage closet into a state-of-the-art podcasting room mirroring University of Southern California’s Studio B facility. The challenge was to achieve this transformation without spending a single dollar. This seemed impossible to many, but fueled by determination and the support of our school community, the dream gradually turned into reality.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to give back to a place that has given me so much. This project would not have been possible without the invaluable support of the Beverly Hills Community. A special thanks to Mr. Romeo Carey and the following people and organizations without whom this would not be possible. The Beverly Hills Unified School District Board of Education, Dr. Michael Bregy, Mr. Drew Stewart, Mr. Phil Chang, Dr. Kelly Skon, Mr. Felipe Gomez, Mr. Sigfredo Vega Rodriguez, the Beverly Hills Rotary Club, Mr. Michael Moline, Ms. Rebecca Starkins, Versaille Hometextile, the BHHS Fashion Design Class, and Mr. Noam Albou.

As I say goodbye to Beverly Hills High School, I leave behind Studio C, a space that I hope will ignite the same passion for creativity and innovation in future students that I have experienced here. May this space be a breeding ground for ideas, stories, and dreams.

With all my heart,

Colby Gilardian

In loving memory of Sheila Willis

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