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Here's who I am & what I do

Colby Gilardian is a lead producer, director, programmer and lead editor at KBEV 6. Colby has been apart of KBEV since middle school. Now at Beverly Hills High School, he has increased his knowledge and study in media and is ready to continue his journey.  He especially loves editing events like theatrical plays, sports events and the biweekly school board meetings.

KBEV Norman Update | August 20, 2023 | Noam Albou and Leila Abrishami

KBEV Norman Update | August 20, 2023 | Noam Albou and Leila Abrishami

The Norman Update is a weekly show from KBEV in collaboration with ASB to give an update to students, parents, and staff about the upcoming week at Beverly Hills High School. Welcome to the Norman Update for the week of August 20th, 2023! In this episode, Leila Abrishami and Noam Albou from KBEV keep you updated on the new Schedule Change Protocol, the launch of BHHS Career Academy, an array of exciting Lunch Activities, and the presence of Administrators in English Classes. Plus, don't miss out on the Week of Welcome, a series of delightful events to mark the start of the school year. Learn about the streamlined counseling process, opportunities in the world of luxury hotels, ways to spruce up your lunchtimes, and join in the school spirit by signing the BHHS community pledge. Dive into all this and more, only on KBEV's Norman Update, your prime source for everything Beverly Hills High School! Executive Producer: Prof. Romeo Carey Lead Producer: Colby Gilardian Sofia Nalbandian Perry Gilardian Director : Colby Gilardian Technical Director : Colby Gilardian Lead Editor : Colby Gilardian Perry Gilardian Hosts: Noam Albou Leila Abrishami Writer: Aaron Gabayan Teleprompter : Aaron Gabayan Audio Operator: Perry Gilardian Noam Albou Floor Manager : Deborah Cohen Ellison Holub Graphics Operator: Sophia Saidian Camera Operators: Delera Yektafar Leora Naydavood Zachary Hasson Talent Coordinators: Colby Gilardian Leila Abrishami Talent Specialist: Sofia Nalbandian Mika Bachar LaResa Gopurala Lighting Specialist: Jason Maybaum Quality Control: Nora Nikfarjam Chloe Emrani Produced in KBEV 6 Studios, Beverly Hills, CA "What's Right About Beverly."
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